Daniel Simon Roborace Car – The Racing Car for the Future

Marked as coming soon to the city, Daniel Simon is attracting the attention of the audience to its new racing car design called Roborace. This new design will take this racing car into the Formula One group for fastest car in racing career.

Daniel Simon has been working with Volkswagen’s empire, working for Audi, Bentley, and Bugatti so this Roborace should be something very interesting.

Lilium Aviation Designs VTOL Jet for Freedom in The Air Requires Less Space for Landing

Lilium Aviation has another stunning output which is the first electric vertical take-off and landing jet. This purpose of the project is to provide us with freedom on the air that going anywhere is not impossible as this jet needs lesser space to land as it is VTOL.

Lilium Aviation Designs VTOL Jet for Freedom in The Air Requires Less Space for Landing even on the top roof of the building. This jet can reach as fast as 400km/h, carrying 2 passengers with total weight of 600kg.

Aeon Telescope Kindler – Small and Smart

Marius Kindler has designed a new small and smart telescope, the Aeon Telescope Kindler, which you can carry along to anywhere anytime. It is small yet powerful. It even can connect with your smartphone that you can record whatever you like.

Designer: Marius Kindler

Gryaznov Design Studio’s Space Watch Design Concept

Gryaznov Design Studio’s Space Watch is an attractive sport watch with its simplicity design. Nothing much is on the watch surface that you can find the hour ring and minute ring but no digit. It is very interesting for sure.

Designer: Gryaznov Design Studio

Snoo for Lazy Parents but Healthy Baby

Snoo is a smart sleeping bed for modern life. It can help you with many ways as well as saving you time. This Snoo is designed by Yves Behar to help every parents taking care of their baby healthily. Everything is under your control especially the application which will monitor everything even the sleeping time.

It helps the mother in the early stage after giving birth to recover and put the baby in a good position to avoid rolling.

Designer: Yves Behar (link)


Video: BEBE The Plant-Watering System Monitored by Smartphone (Ajay Choudhary)

Watering the plant is not hard but it is about timing. It should be fine if you have time to spare on this but not really everyday since people are moving daily as personal or work. Right here we have BEBE. This is a plant-watering system which you can plug on the ground to watering the plant. The best part is you can monitor with your smartphone. Great?

Designer: Ajay Choudhary