ERGO: Tool that Keeps Your Body Position Stretch

It might be habit that people are more sitting or standing in stretch position but in case you are working hours your might not be able to keep your body stretch. You might need to lay down a bit to refresh however it won't help much. The Perfectore Team has some thing to help you with your body position regardless of reason which is the ERGO. It will lift and hold your body in a stretch position that you want to have. You can wear and and adjust the position by yourself.

Designer: The Perfectore Team

The Solar Blind: Window that Charges Your Phone

Enjoying the view by the window? Well that might be not the only thing that you can get from the window. With this Solar blind you can charge your gadget safely. The solar cells are attached to the slat on the blind to convert into usable electricity.

Designer: Park Yonghwa, Lee Sang Jun, Hwang Ki Nam, & Lee Danbee

Dr Hussien Al Jammazi Cerastes Supercar Design

Designer Dr Hussien Al Jammazi just came up with a new concept design of a supercar called Cerastes. This V8 600 HP engine supercar is absolutely a great on with special design for modern life. Check out the design below.

Palomar Monkey Radio and Bluetooth Speaker with Monkey Tail

Inspired by the monkey tail, Palomar came up with this idea for its radio speaker. By turning the antenna into the monkey tail, this antenna is flexible and can snap things. The Monkey also can be used as a Bluetooth speaker so that you can enjoy your favorite songs.

Here are main specifications of the Monkey:

  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wireless radio speaker
  • Micro-USB connector for charging
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 600mAh.

Pouncer: The Drone That Help People with Food and Shelter

All drone can fly but the purpose is different except for this Pouncer which is to help people in emergency circumstance. Dropping the Pouncer from the sky, it will go to the target places. It also has parachute for safe landing with food and supplies for 1 day for 100 peoples. Pouncer's re-formed shell can be reused to provide shelter, the frame can be burnt safely to cook.

Designer: Windhorse Aerospace

360-Square Meter Solar Powered Catamaran Yacht

Going into the sea and going green? This is 360-square meter solar powered yacht. This Catamaran has 580sqm space to share with your mates. Here is the specification of the Catamaran:

  • LOA 42.00m
  • Beam 12.50m
  • Draught 2.75m
  • Solar cell areas of approx 360 square meters
  • Gross Tonnage – approx 1000 GT
  • Max speed – approx 22 knots
  • Engines 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M70
  • Also available in hybrid power system
  • Double owner suites – to be merged upon request
  • 8 guests in 2 guests rooms + double owner’s suites
  • 4 crew + captain
  • Construction: composite/carbon

UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel to Turn Your Tradition Bike to the E One

Need to travel in long distance on your bike but want to save your strength? Then you need something on your side. E-bike has been a good idea. You don't need to sell your traditional bike for an E one but you with UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel you can turn it in to an e-bike in second.

All you need to do is to replace your front wheel with this new one. With this replacement, you can enjoy speed up to 30 mph but adding 15 lbs. Check out more about this wheel here.

Eco Friendly Colorless Coca Cola Cans Design

The concept of Coca Cola can has always been in red. How about making it colorless? Harc Lee has this idea to bring the Coca Cola can in colorless. Check out more about this design below.

Nuvist Vetkar Two Legs Chairs

Looking so elegant, this is Vetkar with two legs support. This design was inspired by the nature of trees and branches like a dancing two branches.

Designer: nuvist