Facebook Instant News to Start on 13 of May 2015

The leading social network site Facebook is about to offer another great feature which is the instant news content. With the deal with New York Times, Facebook is believed to push this new feature on 13 of May 2015.

This self-host instant news content will be about sport, discovery and of course social news. This could be another step for Facebook to go inside the social on its own rather by its users. However the instant content might be harder to control since it will be hosted by the name of Facebook.

Facebook Mostly Display The Content The User Like Rather Than the Oppose One

Facebook is the leading social network on the planet today having almost 1.5 billion users. Learning from whatever has been shared around the net recently, Facebook users mostly see the information the like but not the oppose ones.

In other word we can say that Facebook keeps filling the timeline with the information that the users actually like while isolating them from the hated one, especially with the ads. As long as you are interested in technology, then those gadget stuffs are there for you.
It can be considered into two ways. One is to keep the users entertained and another is to limit the view of the users.

If Facebook actually has this automatic system with the contents display uniquely for you then you can start to test it on your own or ask your friends if they see the same thing.