Manta 5 Hydrofoil Bike: Bring Your Cycling Experience on Water for Real

This is not the first idea to bring cycling over water but Kiwis has made this into reality that we can cheer them for this Manta 5. Now you can enjoy your day cycling over water with ease supporting by Hydrofoiler. Time to go with this Manta 5.

Portable Smoker That Fit Your Suitcase

Jurney is full of fun but there are many things that you might want to take along with. Ziv’s Portable Smoker is small enough to place in your suitcase as you move around with your friends and family.

OGarden: Indoor Garden for Up To 80 Plants

Growing your favorite vegetable indoor is very interesting and curious. You can own your own garden right in your room witht his OGarden. You can plant up to 80 plants within the circle.

By OGarden

Go Chopping Handsomely[Tomahawk Hawkaxe]

When coming to an axe and you don't care about the design them you should reconsider with this Tomahawk axe. With the concept of hawk, this tomahawk axe is very eye-catching thing. With the hummer on the other side of the blade, it gives weight to the blade make cutting easier. Go chopping handsomely.

Designer: Kevin Clarridge

Smart and Portable Studio for Great Photograph

Want to make great photographs without having to go back to your studio? And what about moving your studio alongside with you to your client? Let’s check this Foldio3 out. Coming with 2 feet tall and wide, enough flash light and perfect background, it is very convenience to make anything happen for perfect photographs.

Designer: Orangemonkie

Lost Boy: Moto for The Future

Moving on the orbs-liked two wheels, this one is called Lost Boy. The design is very unique thanks to the orb wheels making you feel like you are in the sci-fi movie superstar.

Designer: Patrick A Razo & Ash Thorp

This Biomech Sneaker Makes You Feel Like IronMan

Many things have become smart and even then shoe. Designer Ilyas Darakchiev has brought us something smart with a shoe which is Biomech Sneaker which can mak you feel like an IronMan. This shoe has something to do on its own to fit your foot on its own without any wire or electricity.

Go Comb: A Good Friend for Man with Beard

Coming with the size of the credit card, this Go Comb is best for your pocket. It is very convenience for every man who loves beard. With the size, steel body, this Go Comb will last for years. It is designed by Heather Burkman.