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Family Share Pack Gives You a Chance to Impart No Less Than 20gb for $100 per Month

Sprint Logo

T-Mobile has of late allured families by providing for them an enormous, 10gb basin of portable information at a generally low $100 rate, yet Sprint isn’t going to bring this rival setting down. Enormous Yellow has recently uncovered a Family Share Pack advancement that gives you a chance to part at least 20gb of information (and boundless voice/content) for a moderately unobtrusive $100 for every month, in addition to $15 for every line. You’re in all likelihood getting more than that, as well. Sprint tosses in an alternate 2gb for each line, so a group of four will have 28gb to play with. On the off chance that you max out the arrangement with 10 individuals, that is a really heavy 40gb. You won’t get the bearer’s signature boundless information, yet this may kill stresses that Snapchat-blissful children will consume all your data transmission.

Obviously, there are gotchas that may make it intense to exploit this apparently sweet offer. You’ll need to switch to Sprint between August 22nd and September 30th; existing clients (and procrastinators) require not have any significant bearing. Scope likewise remains a sore point, so you’ll need to see whether there’s a decent Sprint LTE indicate close-by before moving everybody over. This looks to be a decent arrangement if everything looks at, however, and don’t worry if you’re intrigued by administration for yourself – Sprint implies that its tweaking individual plans this week.



Apple Lowers iPhone 5c Production

iPhone 5c

Recently Apple asked the Chinese Foxconn to reduce the production of iPhone 5c in favor of iPhone 5s. Learning from what the Foxconn is currently doing, now the rate of 320,000 units per day dropped to 80,000 units per day. Apple turns to focus mainly on iPhone 5s leaving the cheap one behind. Apple is still concentrating mostly on the expensive things. This should give a bigger stock for iPhone 5s for rich people especially customer in the developed countries including the United States as well as Europe.

It is a big gap but there is not clear reason behind this call but it should clear stock of iPhone 5c faster than the iPhone 5c. As a customer, if you want to purchase the iPhone 5c then you should know that there is not as many iPhone 5c as iPhone 5s in the company’s stock. If Apple chooses iPhone 5s then you should not suffer big delay.


Should Apple Release More Than One (Two) iPhone a Year?

Apple Logo

So fare Apple has been updating its new iPhone every year. We can see a new iPhone model once a year with some a few new features. But it is no longer this way in 2013 since Apple released two new iPhone, the iPhone 5S and 5C.

It is a new strategy of the company to fight against its top rivals. Taking a look at the mobile phone market right now, there are so many Android devices with varieties of price and designs, which have so similar software, application and operating system to iPhone (iOS). The phone users always can find the one suitable Android phone for their wants in term of design and price but this won’t happen with iPhone since one a limited models are available to choose.


More Developing Story About BlackBerry 10+ With Google Play (Images)

More Developing Story About BlackBerry 10+ With Google Play

BlackBerry has been in big trouble for years already. Rumor after rumor suggested that BlackBerry will use Google Play or Android App but the latest rumor with these images suggested that BlackBerry OS 10.2.3 is running Google Play. It gives the gate for the user to go for rather than the BlackBerry World. BlackBerry World is just the same as Play Store or App Store which is the place where the user can find applications to install.

The investors behind BlackBery have placed $1 billion to develop a better operation system. This is a big move and can change what BlackBerry is being right now. However if users can use apps on Google Play then it will hurt BlackBerry World itself. It will decrease the development of its own store therefore decrease revenues. Plus not many developers want to develop a specific application for BlackBerry World. It is not the company wants it to be.

Last world, it is not official and the company didn’t step up to deny these images.

More Developing Story About BlackBerry 10+ With Google Play More Developing Story About BlackBerry 10+ With Google Play More Developing Story About BlackBerry 10+ With Google Play

LG G Flex Price and Release Date in Korea (Europe Coming December)

LG G Flex

LG has just released its G Flex curved smartphone in Korean market. By November 12th, LG G Flex will be available for purchase for 999,900 Won about $940. This price tag is quite expensive but the phone specifications are also great.

Recall to what we have stated, LG G Flex is a very large screen of 6-inch curved OLED display, 2 GB of Ram, a 13 megapixel camera and a 3,500mAh curved battery. The most interesting part of the phone is its flexibility. It is the latest technology which takes to whole thing into a new stage.

For European market,  G Flex will be available in December. Orange France is expected to be one of the carrier.

The video below shows us how LG G Flex is flexible.


Mini Wireless Keyboard with Joystick from Android Xbox360, PS3 and More

Mini Wireless Keyboard

This is a mini wireless keyboard with many hot keys available directly. One click to go to where you want. There are up to 92 keys with built-in high sensitive smart touchpad with 360-degree flip design.

It also works as a game joystick to control various gaming platform including Xbox360 and PS3. It has a built-in removable Li-ion battery that you can recharge it anytime you want.

To save battery, the keyboard has auto sleep and auto wake mode. It will set into sleep mode after leaving 3 minutes without any operation.


Roku HD Streaming Player: 600+ HD Channels with TV without PC

Roku HD Streaming Player


Make life easier and better quality. This is a new way of streaming video with your TV without having to connect to PC. It supports HD videos of up to 720p from any sources including Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Instant Video.

It is easy to use since all you need to do is to plug it in TV then connect with to a wireless network. The faster the wireless network the better it is since you need to stream HD video with bigger size.

It is a good home theater’s friend. Enjoy it.

It is available on Amazon for $49.99 only. Buy It Now!


Free Download Official Android 4.2.2 XXUAMH1 Firmware for Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205

 Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205

Samsung  Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205 is the largest smartphone in the market now. It was first available in the market in June 2013. The company just pushed an official update for this giant phone making its firmware to Android 4.2.2 XXUAMH1. It is not a major update so it is not important to get it but if you want to try this firmware, you can download it from the link below.

Android 4.2.2 XXUAMH1  Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205


Chrome 28 all the innovations introduced for iPhone and iPad


Google has just released a new update to Chrome 28 for iOS devices introducing important changes.

At a distance of less than a week from the updating of Chrome for Android, Google does not stop and also updates the version for Apple devices, releasing the build 28.0.1500.12 destined to iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. Thanks to this latest update we can finally open links that send to Google services such as Maps, Drive orYoutube, with the previous Chrome this was impossible, forcing us to use separately the various Google applications.

IPad users can browse in full screen thanks to the Full Screen mode, this mode improves the browsing experience, comparing it almost to the web version.
Thanks to this issue we will have a browser even faster, that we will save not only time but also the cost of the connection, reducing search times and loading the web pages will have a considerable reduction of data flows and therefore a lower cost of connection , it is a service already present on Opera Turbo, the data before being sent on iPhone and iPad are reprocessed thus reducing the consumption of 3G.


Apple: A New USB Port Patent Approved by U.S.

Apple USB Port

The future of MaBook will have standard USB port.

The Apple company has recently filed a new patent in the United States. The document approved by the office of U.S. Patent and Trademark suggests a new type of connector that combines a standard USB port with a memory card reader SDXC. Named “Combined Imput Port”, so this connector allows the use of standard USB devices, but also to serve as SD memory cards. It would, for example, find an SD slot on the MacBook Air 11-inch, a product where space is greatly reduced.

The patent was filed in December 2011 and has only recently been approved by the U.S. office. However, nothing says that this type of connector will appear on a MacBook. But it would be very interesting to gain an SD slot on the small MacBook Air and earn an additional USB port on the MacBook Air 13-inch. The latest MacBook Air have received a new processor and support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac. The current design also date from 2010. Starting next year, Apple could therefore offer this type of news to its ultraportable.