Turn Your Phone Light into Ready Light

Want to read but there is not enough source of light in the dark? This should help. Thanks to designers Sebastiano Tosi & Mattia Fossati we have this gadget to help you to turn your phone light into a more friendly reading light. Check out the design with the pictures below.

Designer: Sebastiano Tosi & Mattia Fossati

KIA Funny Car Designer Concept for 2017

Our designer Giorgi Tedoradze has something very interesting to share to the World especially to KIA. This new car design concept is very interesting in term of both color and the design. Impact portable and eye-catching. Feel free to check out the design with pictures below.

Designer: Giorgi Tedoradze

Ecocharge by Peng Zhan: The Future for All Electric Cars

Electric car is very popular now especially in high developed cities around the world. Coming to this stage of development we have seen many innovation regarding to this technology but this one is quite interesting. It is Ecocharge y Peng Zhan. It makes charging easier as well as smart. It has app that you will tell you the status of your charging so you know when to jump in.

Designer: Peng Zhan

The C-Ant Builder that Inspired by the Ant

Most of our designers outputs are inspired by they saw and what they encountered. Right here we have the C-Ant builder which is totally inspired by the ant. Check out the pictures below to see how it is inspired.

Designer: Jee Na Jun

Skies That You Need to Wear on Your Lower Legs or Knees

Welcome to Winter and experience the new way of skiing. The regular big and long skies what attach to you feet is so simple. What we have here is something that go upper a little bit to the lower legs or knees. Check this design with the pictures below.

Designer: Tiger Studio

SmartMask Connects with Smartphone to Tell You When to Wear and When Not

Everything now is smart so we people might not need to be smart all the time in all subject since we have smart assistant right in our pocket, the smartphone. Even with the mask we wear, we have smartphone to tell us about the quality of the air around us that it will tell us to wear the mask or not.

Designer: Wenzhi Lee

Lava Lamp Design by Brad Swift

light up the dark always matters to us but not really in this 21 century. However what if we have something that will take you back to the past? By designer Brad Swift, what we have here is lava like lamp so called the Cascadia Candles. Check out the design below.

LAMP MYGDAL Lets Plants Survive in Lamps

Plants is very important to urban area since we do have little space for them. To help with this problem, Nui Studio Came up with this idea to bring plants to a narrow space, in a lamp. It is called LAMP MYGDAL.

The standing lamp has an electrically conductive glass coating rendering an invisible connection between the power source and the LED. This technical innovation opens up new opportunities in luminaire design. The aesthetically pleasing combination of light and plants inside a mouth blown and hand-finished glass lamp creates a soothing atmosphere.

Designer: Nui Studio