BoardUp : The Foldable Skateboard Makes It the Best (Bin Lu Designer)

Let's be flexible this time but it is not about thinking, it is about a skateboard. This skateboard called BoardUp has something very interesting for you which is foldable. You can fold it to make it half side of its own. Check out the design with the picture below.

Designer: Bin Lu

Huggl’s Wireless Charger Makes a Perfect PowerBank Wireless Charger for Multi Phones

This is absolutely a great idea to turn a few gadget into one. You can imagine that your are carrying a power bank and it actually a wireless charger power bank. All you need to do is to place your phone inside the pillow hole and the phone will start charging. If you place one more phone, they all will charge. Sound great? Of course this gadget is called Huggl’s.

Designer: Gianni Teruzzi

Aeronautical Watch by Germain Baillot

Inspired by aeronautical and modern technology, Germain Baillot has come up with something interesting here. This watch is way far different from other watches in the market especially in term of design. Check out more about this design below.

Designer: Germain Baillot

Andra Wibisono Odyssey Watch for World Class Design

Design for world class, this new Odyssey watch is absolutely fit the way it goes. The elegant design with simplicity play it role well. Very attractive in every corner.

Designer: Sahil Ravjit & Andra Wibisono

Instasnap: Use Instagram without Phone

If you are a fan of Instagram then this device should be the best friend. It allows you to post pictures on Instagram way easier than you can imagine without a phone. This small device is quite high-tech in term of both design as well as functions coming from waterproof to camera to connectivity such as 10 meter waterpoof, 12 megapixel camera for DHR and WiFi connectivity and so much more. It is called Instasnap.

Designer: Johandré Saayman

Barcelona Tramway Proposal by Damien Loreaux

To Boost the living standard of people living in Barcelona, this new proposal has been made but it is not yet loudly appreared for public. Check out this new project with video and pictures below.

Designer: Damien Loreaux