$ 1.8 billion of revenue for the iBook Store

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June 2012: Apple announces that it has sold 130 million digital books via iTunes or iBooks app. A little over two years later, in October 2012, the total would reach 400 million copies sold. In just 16 months, Apple would be able to sell 270 million ebooks or an average of 17 million units per month. And $ 1.8 billion of revenue in the key.

Posted by Horace Dediu analyst, these figures are very interesting. If the books are far from iOS applications the number of copies downloaded, they are also much more expensive (often more than 10 euros for the most downloaded) and therefore relate a lot of money. However, the analyst prefers to base its calculation on the basis of an average price of just under 7 euros. Logic methodology since it takes to balance the free downloads books to balance everything.

Of the $ 1.8 billion of revenue generated, therefore keep Apple, according to the analyst, about 500 million. And during that time, some still claim saint recently that the digital book is the Apocalypse.

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