A key Thunderbolt SSD from Intel

A key Thunderbolt SSD from Intel

Taking advantage of the Computex 2013, which takes place right now in Taipei, Intel manufacturer, developer of Thunderbolt technology, unveiled a key Thunderbolt storage, the first of its kind. The prototype presented by Intel ships still 128 GB flash memory and of course a Thunderbolt controller small enough that the key looks like a standard USB drive.

For Intel, this key is simply the world’s fastest with a maximum speed of 10 Gbps, but Intel was careful to indicate the actual flow rate should not exceed 500 MB / s, the flow of USB 3.0. Apart from the technology demonstration, the interest of such a key is virtually zero. Indeed, Thunderbolt technology is too confidential to make such attractive device. The interest of a USB key is to always carry and be compatible with ALL computers to be able to easily move data.

By macworld.fr

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