Apple: A New USB Port Patent Approved by U.S.

Apple USB Port

The future of MaBook will have standard USB port.

The Apple company has recently filed a new patent in the United States. The document approved by the office of U.S. Patent and Trademark suggests a new type of connector that combines a standard USB port with a memory card reader SDXC. Named “Combined Imput Port”, so this connector allows the use of standard USB devices, but also to serve as SD memory cards. It would, for example, find an SD slot on the MacBook Air 11-inch, a product where space is greatly reduced.

The patent was filed in December 2011 and has only recently been approved by the U.S. office. However, nothing says that this type of connector will appear on a MacBook. But it would be very interesting to gain an SD slot on the small MacBook Air and earn an additional USB port on the MacBook Air 13-inch. The latest MacBook Air have received a new processor and support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac. The current design also date from 2010. Starting next year, Apple could therefore offer this type of news to its ultraportable.


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