Apple acquired the WiFiSlam for its maps app transaction Spending $ 20 million

Apple acquired the WiFiSlam

As mentioned, the launch of iOS 6 operating system, Apple has stopped the contract with Google, and built its own Maps application. These maps have experienced many failures in navigation in the wrong location and many other application problems. Following these failures Apple changes the situation by acquiring a number of companies engaged in the maps. Apple closed a deal and acquired WiFiSlam Overall for 20 million.

WiFiSLAM company has developed an application that allows to smartphones inside buildings. The company uses satellites that provide the exact location. WiFiSLAM company appointed a small group of Google

engineers are composed of former graduates of Stanford University. This is a logical acquisition in order to compete with Google in the mapping that it is weaker there. Due to the fact that Google recently offered navigation services within buildings, such as museums, shopping centers and historical sites, it combines Apple’s technology WiFiSlam its maps service.

Apple spokesman acknowledges and states that “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time”

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