Apple iPad 2 To Be Official Early February 2011

Apple iPad 2

It is loud and far now that we can hear that Apple will make its iPad 2 available by the end of this month or earlier next month. Of course you don’t need to wait for any longer now. Seem like Apple have done many things recently and will bring many changes to its products.

We got iPhone 5 moving from AT&T to Verizon and now iPad 2 is coming too.

What are the new features of iPad 2?
Since there is no official announcement from Apple, all we can share are what we have heard. According to some reliable sources, iPad 2 will come with high speed processor, a high resolution display, rear-facing camera and front camera.

Well seem like the new specifications are just what we want the new iPad 2 be. Let’s wait and see!

[Kevin Rose]

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