Carrier IQ Denies Providing Collected Data to FBI

Just yesterday we had the news about the FBI’s refusal to a request of the Freedom of Information Act because of which he had inadvertently admitted his involvement with Carrier IQ. After a few hours, however, came just a clarification from the Carrier IQ, Inc.

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To intervene directly on the subject was the company specializes in providing solutions for the mobile provider, which said:

Carrier IQ has never provided any data to the FBI. If approached by a law enforcement agency, we would refer them to the network operators because the diagnostic data collected belongs to them and not Carrier IQ.

Carrier IQs data is not designed to address the special needs of law enforcement. The diagnostic data that we capture is mostly historical and won’t reveal where somebody is and what they are doing on a real-time basis.

Although no one can be sure that the issue of data ownership is exactly as described, the last part is really just an argument clarifying. The company, in fact, ruled that Carrier IQ has never been used for real-time monitoring, collecting data of interest only “historic”. This statement, however, appears as a partial admission and unconscious on the work performed by the tracking software.


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