China Claims its Supercomputer to Be The Fastest

China economic was fast growing during the last decade and of course improvement were found in many area. Right now a remarkable infrastructure was completed and it marks China as one of the top in the World, it is about SuperComputer. Designed by 200 computer scientists with two years period, this outcome is absolutely adorable and be a subject for China to shine. This National Supercomputer CenterĀ  is in Jinan in China. With Tianhe-1A machine, it can compute of 2.507 petaflops, the equivalent of 2,507 trillion calculations, per second.

China Supercomputer

The computers were equipped with 6,144 Intel CPUs and 5,120 AMD GPUs and was able to “store all 27 million books in the National Library of China four times.

With this outcome, China hopes to see this supercomputer to be ranked the first around the world.


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