Chrome 28 all the innovations introduced for iPhone and iPad


Google has just released a new update to Chrome 28 for iOS devices introducing important changes.

At a distance of less than a week from the updating of Chrome for Android, Google does not stop and also updates the version for Apple devices, releasing the build 28.0.1500.12 destined to iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. Thanks to this latest update we can finally open links that send to Google services such as Maps, Drive orYoutube, with the previous Chrome this was impossible, forcing us to use separately the various Google applications.

IPad users can browse in full screen thanks to the Full Screen mode, this mode improves the browsing experience, comparing it almost to the web version.
Thanks to this issue we will have a browser even faster, that we will save not only time but also the cost of the connection, reducing search times and loading the web pages will have a considerable reduction of data flows and therefore a lower cost of connection , it is a service already present on Opera Turbo, the data before being sent on iPhone and iPad are reprocessed thus reducing the consumption of 3G.

Google is always attentive to the safety of its members and in this new update there have been some improvements in the security and stability of the application, the bugs in the previous version have been fixed.

Google is committed to deliver the best browser for iOS trying to undermine the primacy of Safari in Apple, the challenge between the two becomes more and more interesting.


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