Found Who Stole iPad Mini from JFK Airport in New York

iPad Mini Stolen

It is another case of mobile tech device stolen. After the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 were stolen in Malaysia now it is happening in United States and it its iPad Mini since Monday. The total cost of the stolen iPad Mini is $1.9 million. Thank to fast reaction the suspect was arrested. He is the airport worker named Renel Rene Richardson.

According the report, Mr. Richardson asked his co-workers about the iPad Mini shipment and even asked for forklifts. It is enough for him to grab the tablet. In addition we also learnt that he was helped by other two workers. The two assisted him to load the iPad Mini to a truck and drove away.

However the two people are still unidentified but it should took long for the FBI to arrest the twos. Now there is no information if the tablets were found yet.

[NY Post]

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