Information on the New Android Market for Smartphones

A new version of the Android Market for smartphones was discussed at the Google I/O, in May. The release date was scheduled for June, but as you can see, the time has been exceeded. This new application is intended to replace the current version, which is not necessarily the tastes of all and show only very few categories. As for the shelves as Honeycomb, an update already proposed content presented at the Google I/O.

Today, Google has published a note in which he speaks of this consolidation. Alignment with the Android Market and web Honeycomb also involves the integration of books and films. Unfortunately, the first category is still largely filled outside of the United States and the second is completely empty. But the Mountain View giant reassures us by saying that these services will arrive soon in some countries.

For games and applications, there is a complete redesign. There are inspirations to the interface of Windows Phone 7 with rectangles. On the home page, you can see the different categories and several content made before. Some are the traditional form while others simply display an image. It was really an interface much more original than before.

Once the category selected, you can switch to a different classification by simply sliding a finger right or left. The rendering is very nice but no new users may find this feature directly. The lists are now in the form of grids which can display twice as many applications on one screen.

Developers complained that they had a low visibility should be delighted with the arrival of this new interface. The new Android Market will arrive in the coming weeks for all phones (or tablets that are not under Honeycomb) Android 2.2 and 2.3. This limitation is unfortunate, although as with previous versions, a second wave should be compatible with older versions of the system.

Source: Google

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