iPad 2: Real Racing 2 Supports 1080p Output

The publisher Firemint just update his game Real Racing 2 HD. Version 1.1 adds support for 1080p output for iPad 2. Specifically, the game is displayed in 1080p on an HDTV using the digital AV adapter from Apple (HDMI) on the iPad 2. As you can see in this video game is displayed on the TV screen while the iPad 2 shows the circuit map, times, number of turns, speed and position.

With this update, the publisher Firemint again confirms its position a little more avant-garde on the mobile platform using all of Apple’s latest hardware innovations proposed by Apple. Nevertheless, in practice, you need a HDMI cable long enough to have a certain distance on the image while the grip of the iPad 2 is not facilitated by the presence of the adapter.

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