iPhone 4S Camera Quality

iPhone 4S has just arrived and nothing much different from the previous model and of course nothing much to complaint since the iPhone 4 design is quite adorable by iPhone fans already. Even the iPhone 4S doesn’t carry much improvement, we can surely admire the digital camera module which is not 8 megapixel not 5 megapixel again.]iPhone 4S Camera

One of the most important change is that the camera module is a completely new, high light-sensitivity image sensor is built, which is 60 percent more pixels than ever deploy. In this way, the previous iPhone 4 with 5-megapixel for 2592×1944 pixels but now 8-megapixel of iPhone 4S can capture 3264×2448 pixels.

The new A5 processor is a very big help in overall performance of camera shooting as we can clearly see that the first photo shoot in 1.1 second and the interval between the first and the second is 0.5 second. Other interesting feature include the new image-processing algorithm, up to 10 Face Recognition function, up from 720p to 1080p resolution and stabilized video recorder.

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