iPhone 5 To Reach 100 Million Units Sold (Your Thought?)

We don’t know what the new iPhone 5 will be but seem like more and more rumors are going around which attract the majority attention. Apart for the appearance, price, specs and release date, we have estimation number of iPhone 5 which will be sold.

iPhone 5 To Reach 100 Million Units Sold (Your Thought?)

Even the iPhone has been so success since its first launch but reaching this milestone is absolutely not easy. iPhone 5 is predicted to be sold 100 million units on its own which mean until the iPhone 6 appears in the market, there are 100 million iPhone 5 were sold.

This prediction is based on the previous record which suggest that the number of iPhone sold from one generation to another keep double. It is right with this statistic but you should look at the characteristic of mobile phone market too.

While iPhone first launch, I can say that iOS was absolutely the best and no other phone can beat it but now we got Android and Windows Phone. Now even Motorola is in the process in developing its own OS which will be an other obstacle for iOS success.

What is your words?


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