iTunes U and the iPad: Apple’s next two satisfactions education

iPad Mini Stand

Apple has long established programs to equip students with a maximum design computers. A policy that pays off, since Mac student becomes potentially a worker on Mac.

The university sector is important for Apple, which has released some figures about it. Already, we learn that iTunes U – available in 30 countries – just recorded its billionth download. As a reminder, it is a platform for higher education institutions, who can post content they create to make them available to other researchers and students. Apple is pleased to see that the mayonnaise is also outside of the United States, with 60% of downloads made outside the USA. The largest contributors to iTunes U are still the American universities, in which we find the head and MIT Cambridge Boston, or Duke and Yale.

Another impressive figure, the number of iPad sold by Apple through its education sector. In total, there are actually 8 million iPad were sold to students at TechCrunch Apple confesses, including 4.5 million in the United States. And iPad sales would go to students that accelerates, what the health of the iPad mini is not necessarily foreign.


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