Microsoft Bought Skype for 8 Billion

Now Skype should be in the hand of Microsoft. Microsoft will officially announce the acquisition of Skype, the VoIP platform. The secret was revealed by the GigaOM blog, before the Wall Street Journal confirms the transaction to come, considering the transaction between 7 to $ 8 billion (debt aside from Skype, which adds $ 686 million).

Microsoft Bought Skype for 8 Billion

For Microsoft, this will be the largest acquisition ever made, surpassing the historic takeover of aQuantive in 2007 to $6 billion.

Now remains to see what Microsoft will do Skype. The integrate-there to its Windows Live services? Will use it there as additional module for its Windows operating system Phone? To see, but it will be interesting to see how Microsoft will use a brand such as Skype.


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