Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Upgrade

It is another step of Motorola to make sure that its Xoom will be able to get 4G LTE support. Right here it is a good news to hear that every Motorola Xoom will receive 4G LTE upgrade but something has to be done to make sure that your Xoom can get the upgrade. It sounds so interesting and everyone should stick with this news.

Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Upgrade

According to Matt, Motorola Forum manager:

All  Motorola XOOM tablets on the Verizon Wireless network are eligible to  receive an upgrade to support 4G LTE. This includes those that have been  unlocked; however, those units must be submitted for upgrade with the  original factory software reinstalled and the device relocked in order  to receive the upgrade.

For  devices that are returned unlocked, Motorola will attempt to complete  the upgrade, but may be unable to update the software. In these cases,  the device will be returned to the consumer with just the 4G LTE modem  installed.

So no matter what you have done with the Xoom, only if you remain on the original OS, the Xoom is eligible for the upgrade. It should be easy to get back to the original OS if you tweaked it.

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