Photoshop Touch arrives on iPhone and Android Smartphone

Photoshop Touch ured

Building on the success on the tablet, Photoshop Touch arrives on iPhone and Android smartphones. For the happiness of those who can not resist the urge to touch up your pictures. The team at Adobe is launching a new version of Photoshop Touch optimized for iPhone and Android smartphones, which complements the one already available for the tablet.

Photoshop Touch provides the user with a variety of tools for working images: something similar in substance to that needed to make the desktop program but with gesture-based interface functions.

Among the features of Photoshop Touch are optimizing images through a set of tools (selection, filters, adjust hue and color), apply effects, add text, editing and automatic synchronization of Adobe Creative cloud.

Photoshop Touch for iPhone can be purchased from App Store, the Android version from the Google Play Store.


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