Some Details About HDMI for iPad 2

Some Details About HDMI

Pleasant surprise, the HDMI adapter is also compatible with the latest iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad first generation.

With iPad 2, Apple has unveiled a new cable and video-mirroring that displays the entire screen of the Apple tablet on a high definition display with an HDMI input. The cable connects to the 30-pin dock connector and on the other hand, it provides two outputs: one HDMI to connect to a monitor and a connector to connect a cable to recharge the device via USB. This innovation is not only iPad 2 alone since this cable is compatible with iPhone 4, iPod touch and 4G iPad first generation.

However, only the iPad 2 supports a resolution of 1080p output, others are limited to a resolution of 720p. Be careful though, even on the iPad 2, the videos are displayed in 720p.

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