Buy Black Galaxy S III in UK Is Possible Now

 Black Galaxy S III

Since the announcement made by Samsung that Galaxy S III will be available in Black color too in addition to the White, Blue and Red. It was unclear to judge the availability of the device in the market but everything is erased with the releae of UK retailer MobileFun puts the

black Galaxy S III in their shopping shelve.

Now you can make your pre-order for the black Galaxy S III 16GB version for £499.95.

Visit MobileFun to make your pre-order now.


Apple Tried to Come to Terms Before Bringing Samsung to Court

Samsung vs Apple

The face of Apple once his longtime partner would not have happened so suddenly. In 2010, after the announcement of the first Galaxy S, Apple warned the leaders of the consequences of which Samsung would encounter in adopting the new version of Touchwiz based on Android and the new face of its device too inspired by the iPhone 3G. Cupertino warned the Korean company, describing the Google mobile OS as “a platform that makes extensive use of Apple’s intellectual property,” aiming to “lead companies to imitate the iPhone design and strategy.”

In a document made public today , but shown in confidence to the heads of Samsung already in August 2010, Apple lists 67 pages in the patents that Samsung would have more or less indirectly violated with its own version of Android, mounted on the Galaxy S. Two years ago, then, Apple showed that both Android, Samsung installed on smartphones, the aesthetics of the latter, would be obliged to take action through the courts. A few months later, however, was given a choice: pay a license fee for use of Apple’s patents for each smartphone and tablet manufactured by Samsung, respectively $30 and $40 per unit.


EQT Group To Purchase Vertu from Nokia

Vertu Mobile

Rumors on the sale of Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia which deals with the production of luxury phones, is back today with new information from Reuters. The rumors of possible sale of Vertu from Nokia are not new. According to Reuters the finalization of the sale to EQT group could take place during the week. The proceeds of the transaction would amount to about 200 million euros. For the moment the Finnish did not confirm the rumor. To determine the decision to sell Nokia’s Vertu will help to dispose of all assets to core business currently focuses primarily on sales of smartphones and feature phones for the consumer market. The Vertu branded units are definitely intended for a narrow niche of users, but contribute only marginally to the revenue of the Finnish manufacturer.

The name of Vertu has long been linked to the production of “luxury phone”, end executed without any compromise in terms of quality of materials, which often include precious stones and crystals are sold in numbers that exceed in some cases $300,000. The brand “Vertu” is certainly prestigious and able to attract several financial companies interested in exploiting. The EQT group recently is reported by Reuters as a source of a possible buyer of Vertu.

We remain pending the official announcement of the transaction that would not practical for consumer use, but would help to reduce the sidelines of Nokia, still committed to tackling a difficult transition.



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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 Review, Specifications Manual, Price and Images

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

It reminds me of my previous Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. I have been using the tablet for awhile too but leaving it for my brother. Now with the announcement by Samsung in February of 2012, we have Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Of course nothing much has changed.

Now we should take a closer look at this device. First it is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor with 1GH of RAM. A PLS LCD capacity touch screen with 600 x 1024 pixels resolution, a 3.15 megapixel camera at the back, a microSD card slot for up to 64GB more space. What so special is the Android 4.0.3 ICS operating system.


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Microsoft: SkyDrive Is Better Than iCloud


Cloud service has been so popular lately since the release of iCloud. Of course iCloud is not the first to offer storage space on internet since DropBox has done this work for quite along time already. Now Microsoft also wants to share the success in this category with the announcement of SkyDrive.

First Microsoft has a very simple but effective statement that “If iCloud is not enough, try SkyDrive.” It is a very clear statement trying to drag iCloud users to use SkyDrive but Microsoft has its own reason that iCloud is very limited since you only can access to the service with iDevice only and create certain document tyme with iWorks but SkyDrive allows user to access to their files from any devices.

However SkyDrive is very similar to DropBox which is currently the leader already.

If you want to enjoy Microsoft SkyDrive, hit this link.

[Apple Insider]


Galaxy Note to Get Android 4.0 and Galaxy S2 to Get Android 4.0.4 in May

Galaxy Note on Android 4.0

Very good news for Samsung fans who are using Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2. First it goes for Galaxy Note. Even there is no official announcement from the company but the release date of Android 4.0 update for Galaxy Note will be by the end of May. However there is no further information about the exact date or method of the release but it will be available OTA.

In addition, Galaxy S2 will get minor update to Android 4.0.4 which will improve system management, web browser and battery consumption.

It is good news for Samsung as more and more update are about to push to its key devices. (more…)

Samsung Officially Confirmed Next Galaxy S3 with Quad Core Processor

Samsung Galaxy S3

To make it clear, Samsung has managed to clear the doubt with the official announcement that the next Galaxy S3 will be mounted with Quad-Core Exynos SoC with 32nm based on ARM Cortex-A9. However the device is expected to carry similar specifications including quality graphics.

In addition the new quad core processor called Exynos 4212 not 4412 which will be clocked at 1.4GHz.



HTC Struggles in U.S. Looking for Recovery in Europe and Asia

HTC CEO Peter Chou

With the announcement of financial result compared to what the company has done in 2011, HTC CEO, Peter Chou, confirmed the company has been through difficult time in U.S. and willing to implement a new strategy plan for Q2 of 2012 but this time, the company won’t put its main concentration in U.S. market but also Europe and Asia.

Peter Chou confirmed that HTC has encountered difficulty in U.S. market that it won’t be easy to gain market share there but HTC will strengthen its popularity in Europe and Asia in addition to what it has done in U.S.

Moreover, HTC will develop high-end technology smartphones which are similar the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone. For budgeted market share, HTC will also develop low-end smartphone.



Samsung Italy to Push Android ICS Update to All Galaxy S II Tomorrow

Galasy S II ICS Tweet

It is time to fly faster. Samsung Italy has made it official with the announcement that all Galaxy  S 2 will be able to upgrade to Android ICS tomorrow. Let’s play in Italy first. This ICS update will be available for all branded Galaxy S 2 which has pleased every user.

As reminded to other user in Europe, ICS update for Galaxy S 2 will be pushed further in May for other countries including Germany.


Google Q1 Earning Report: $10.65 Billion and Stock Split

Google Company

Taking advantage from the growing technology industry, Google has done well over the past year as shown by the announcement over its earning of Q1 of 2012. The result is very satisfied by overall people. It reached $10.65 billion which is 24% higher than the same time last year.

With $10.65 billion revenue, Google earned $7.3 billion from its own properties making the net income of the first quarter to $2.89 billion. Now Google has $49.3 billion in cash on hand.

In addition to the big earning, Google is looking for stock splitting. It might be 2-for-1 stock split. Even it won’t give more value to the stock but it will make it easier to purchase more stock with less money.