Mac OS X Lion Gets Update to Version 10.7

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

Apple released the new version of the operating system OS X Lion.

The new version (10.7.3) provides a number of fixes and further improvements than the previous version. The new version also provides a number of translations in Hebrew translation.

In recent months, there were hints of it that Apple intends to integrate this version of the Hebrew language and images presented on the network. This update is recommended for all operating system with OS X Lion.


German Court: No Block of Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1N

Apple vs Samsung Logo

It seems that Samsung will continue to sell their Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany without any restrictions, contrary to what is required by Apple in the ongoing process between the two companies in Germany.

The decision was taken by the regional court of Monaco, Germany, the judge rejected the request received from Apple to block the sale of the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Tab 10.1N within Germany, forcing it to block local dealers.

In the past months Apple has sought and obtained the block sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 as found to violate its patents, and in reply Samsung has released

an updated and modified from the said tablet with the name of Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The California-based company, despite the modified version, considered permissible to ask for the lock again, although on this occasion, however, the court has decided to speak in favor of Samsung, allowing the marketing of its product in Germany.

iMessage Serious Security Problem


Gizmodo has uncovered an important safety issue in IMessage, the new instant messaging service that Apple has introduced iOS 5. Due to a bug in the operating system it is possible to read the conversations IMessage after you remove your SIM from the iPhone, this situation is particularly annoying when, for example, it often replaces the SIM in the iPhone.

The story begins in a curious way: a boy goes to an Apple Store for a repair on his iPhone. One of the employees on the phone by the owner receives and takes it with him in the back of the store to perform the repair. To run the tests of ritual, the Apple employee, called “Wiz,” he inserted his SIM inside the phone. Tests completed, the Wiz has been removed SIM and the iPhone returned to its owner.


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Apple Has Spent 4.6 Billion Dollars on Chips for iPad

iPad 2

Apple has clearly spent 4.6 billion dollars on chips for the iPad in 2011, is what emerges from the research of IHS. The company stands out significantly the cost of other major companies such as Samsung, with 603 million dollars, and HTC with 199 million.

The analyst Wenli Ye of IHS says that wireless devices are in use around 24% of all semiconductors sold, a figure that is around 58.6 billion dollars in 2011, approximately 14.5% more than in 2010. In parallel, the purchase

of computer chips rose by 4% over the past year, reaching a figure of 53.7 billion dollars.

According to Ye, the market will continue to grow, the demand for semiconductors will increase more and more until you reach very high levels.


Free Download Tribute Calendar from Cydia (Add Source is MobMyi)

Tribute Calendar

Tribute Calendar is an application which was rejected by Apple due to the image of the company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. However after rejected by Apple, the developer

has decided to bring it to Cydia so you still be able to enjoy using this calendar.

The repository add source of Tribute Calendar is MobMyi. You can download it for free from the source. You still have place to go even after rejected. Cydia or App Store?


Apple TV Users Facing Problem Watching YouTube Videos

In several case, Apple TV user can’t access to some of YouTube videos. This is not a common problem but only happened to some users in some locations only. The nature of the problem remains unknown but they can received this message”

No content was found.
There is a problem communicating with YouTube. Try again later.

This connection problem affected users in the following countries: Japan, Australia, Canada and several European countries, including the United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, Argentina and Croatia.

We will keep our eye on this problem to find the solution.

Add Spire Repo Source for Siri On Cydia

Spire Logo

Apple has released Siri on iPhone 4S but rejected to provide this service for older iPhone. Now you can port Siri to older idevice with Spire. Spire is a tweak which is available on Cydia.


  • Jailbroken iDevice running on iOS 5.0+


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11 Free Siri Proxy Servers for Spire – January 2012 (Cydia)

iPhone Spire Siri

Spire is the best Cydia tweak which can bring the best use of Siri to older iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but it requires a proxy server to lead your idevice to Apple Server. It is quite hard to find any stable and free server. With this article, I would like to share 11 new Siri Proxy servers which can be used with Spire.

I have received many emails from our visitors asking for reliable proxy server since there are many scams server asking for a small monthly fee but they never offer the service.


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Apple Store in Netherland to Open on February 18

Apple Store in Netherland

Apple is trying to invade into more market in Europe in which a new store will open in Netherland as soon as next money on 18th of February. According to local writer in the country, this release date should be the correct one since the store has almost completed the design and is ready to operate as soon as possible.

The design of the Apple Store in Netherland is just very simple with mostly glasses. We are waiting for official opening day of this official Apple Store in Netherland.


Analysts: 50 Million iPad to Be Sold in 2012 with iPad 3

iPad 2

Remember that every time that Apple introduces new product especially the iPhone and iPad, it attracts the majority of users around the world. With no exceptional case, with the launch of iPad 3, Apple will be able to sell as many as 50 million units in 2012.

This 50 million units will cover all models not just the iPad 3. However seems like Android should not be the

main rival in tablet market for Apple but the Amazon Kindle Fire thank to the budget price and compact size.

However we are still waiting to see how Apple designs this new iPad but it is expected to come with new hardware to boost performance. In addition we also want to see the price decrease of iPad 2 after the launch of iPad 3 too.