Samsung Wants to Invest in OLED Panel and Processor

Samsung Investment

Business won’t rest even the World is facing economic crisis especially in Europe. In the case of Samsung, the company is looking to invest 1 billion on developing OLED panel to fulfill the need of mobile phone industry. It is quite obvious to say that Samsung is one of the most favorite mobile phone parts suppliers thanks to the high quality.

To gain more money, Samsung has planned to sell $1 billion in bonds to overseas making it to be the biggest of in the decade in the record of the company. However Samsung still has about S19 billion in cash in hand already but this money is mainly used to support internal operation.



Gigabyte S1081: A Tablet with 10.1-Inch, Windows 7, Intel Atom Cedar Trail and SSD

Gigabyte S1081

The Taiwanese company Gigabyte has recently introduced the S1081 Tablet with Windows 7, and professionals dedicated to the business market with hardware that features a protagonist the new Intel Atom Cedar Trail optimized to give better performance with less energy.

The new tablet has a 10.1-inch display, 1.3MP camera and will be available in two variants: one dedicated to those who need more storage space with a 500GB HDD and a more reliable storage performance with a SSD . The HDMI ports, VGA, Ethernet and USB 3.0 ensures compatibility with the latest external devices with which you also can interface via Bluetooth 4.0.

Very interesting choice to produce a Docking Station Prime Transformer-style, equipped with DVD drives, sound system with two stereo speakers and two woofers, auxiliary battery for greater overall range and of course new doors that provide full connectivity dell’S1081.

No information has yet been received on prices and market availability, we will keep you informed!

Nokia Lumia 110: Mid-Rank Windows Phone Concept

Nokia Lumia 110

We all know that Nokia has very strong commitment to stick with Windows Phone to compete in the smartphone business. Meanwhile we has rumored that at CES 2012 that we will see Lumia 900 on the stage of Nokia, there is one more terminal that you don’t want to take a look at. It is a new Lumia 110.

It is just a mid-rank smartphone which will cover budget phone users. Of course even with little information, we can totally claim that it will run on Windows Phone. The design of the phone is so similar to the previous model of the past glorious of Nokia.

We are still looking for what Nokia will release in CES 2012 to gain back its mobile phone market share.



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Samsung Business Process 2011 (Iconography)

Samsung Business Process 2011 (Iconography)

The year 2011 is about to passed leaving good and bad memory to everyone. However it won’t be balance for the two. Right here I would like to share with you the iconography of Samsung over 2011. We will see the company has been so successful with a series of products.

Of course the Android smartphones was the main key product of the year including Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus. More over the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1 were also very interesting to the market. Apart from the Android, we also have seen the Bada phone which is the original heart of Samsung.

You can follow the iconography of Samsung in 2011 above to see more detail.


Solar Invesment Is Good for Google to Pump $94 Million

Solar Power Panel

Google has announced a major investment in four projects, bringing the total investment of photovoltaic companies in clean energy projects to nearly $1 billion.

The search giant has made ​​an investment of $94 million for the production of energy in

the electricity network in the United States. The past projects, however, have made ​​solar panels to 10,000 homeowners through the installation on the roof.

Axel Martinez, assistant treasury of Google, wrote a message in the company’s official blog :

We believe that investing in renewable energy makes sense in terms of both business and hope for clean energy projects in order to attract new sources of capital for a sustainable energy future.

Google has invested more than $880 million in 2011 in a variety of renewable energy projects: wind, solar and transmission solutions.

For solar photovoltaic projects, Google is working with KKR, an ‘investment firm, and with Recurrent Energy, which, however, deals with the development of solar energy.


No More Hope for AT&T and T-Mobile Mergence

AT&T and T-Mobile Fail Contract

Finally the

happy time turn to be the bad time. It has been 9 months already since the first announcement of AT&T and T-Mobile mergence. After it was rejected, the companies have been trying to bring up the deal again and even filed a lawsuit hoping they will approve the mergence but now it failed again.

Now the $39 billion deal is just waste of time and both AT&T and T-Mobile has many work to do to ease the problem. AT&T has to pay T-Mobile $4 billion as stated in the contract for break-up contract fee. T-Mobile has to build up its company image and consider plan for future business.



Apple Purchased Anobit for $500 Million Reaching Final Agreement

Apple and Anobit Logo

The rumor is true but the result is still vague. Previously we have heard that Apple has plane to buy a company in Israel to produce material or parts of its products. Now seem like the rumor is true but the result is still unofficially confirmed by Apple or Israel. However the evident sounds so true about the acquisition.

It can conclude in one sentence that Apple has purchased Anobit in Israel for approximately $500 million making it to be the highest price spent by Apple over the same issue. However the price is still not yet confirmed.


Nokia Looking for Selling Vertu Brand for Phone Financial Support

Even without many reactions by Nokia, the company is believed to sell its Vertu brand. Vertu is a very famous brand for luxurious brand aiming for the rich only so you won’t be able to see many Vertu phone in the market. However now seem like this brand will be sold by Nokia.


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Top Brewer: Tap Water Turns to Be Tap Coffee

Drinking coffee in work place is very simple so turning a tab water to a tab coffee should help everyone gets the coffee easier. Drinking coffee? It is very common in work place and coffee is very popular around the World. Most people drink coffee at least one cup a day which make this business to be very potential one. More investment should help to make much more money.


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iPhone 5 and iPad 3 LTE Support Release Date in Japan

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will be the next model of Apple for sure but with little information we can judge more than we can learn from the rumor. It should be something to do with U.S. market first but seem like this time, Japan is one the trend of the rumor.