iTunes U and the iPad: Apple’s next two satisfactions education

iPad Mini Stand

Apple has long established programs to equip students with a maximum design computers. A policy that pays off, since Mac student becomes potentially a worker on Mac.

The university sector is important for Apple, which has released some figures about it. Already, we learn that iTunes U – available in 30 countries – just recorded its billionth download. As a reminder, it is a platform for higher education institutions, who can post content they create to make them available to other researchers and students. Apple is pleased to see that the mayonnaise is also outside of the United States, with 60% of downloads made outside the USA. The largest contributors to iTunes U are still the American universities, in which we find the head and MIT Cambridge Boston, or Duke and Yale.

Another impressive figure, the number of iPad sold by Apple through its education sector. In total, there are actually 8 million iPad were sold to students at TechCrunch Apple confesses, including 4.5 million in the United States. And iPad sales would go to students that accelerates, what the health of the iPad mini is not necessarily foreign.


IDC: Android Is The Top Used OS with 75% of Marketshare

IDC: Android Is The Top Used OS with 75% of Marketshare

Recently IDC has released the result of the research of mobile phone operating system in the marketplace. According to the result, about 136 million Android devices were shipped during the Q 3 2012 making it to be the best quarter. Apple shipped about 26.9 million iOS devices in the same quarter ranking in the second place after Android.

The 3rd and 4th places are for BlackBerry and Symbian respectively leaving the 5 place for Windows Phone.

In short, Android covers 75% of marketshare meanwhile iOS has 14.9%. BlackBerry Symbian and Windows Phone have 4.3%, 2.3% and 2% respectively.


Google Acquires VirusTotal for Online Malware and Virus Scanner


To strengthen the security of internet users, Google has managed to acquire VirusTotal which is an online malware and virus canner company. With this acquisition, you can feel safer with URL or site since it will mark the virus threated URl or site. You can read the company statement below:

Video: Paralyzed Rat to Walk Again Thanks To a Chemical Injection and Slinging Robot

Paralyze Rat

Some of the IRP researchers have worked over the past 5 years to a project which seem ambitious, namely to restore nerve connections inside a damaged spine. As you can see from the movie the results are impressive: thanks to a chemical solution injected into the affected area, stimulating electrodes and a harness robotic guinea pig has developed new connections which would put the two separate sections of the spine until then interrupted.


UpdtBot: Malware on Android Keeps Send You Message with Links


Recently there is a new malware on Android device. It works by sending a text message containing instructions as well as a link to download the update. The malware in question, called UpdtBot, was discovered by NQ Mobile Security Research Center estimates that to date the infection of more than 160,000 devices, fortunately, only Chinese. There is still an infection of internal apps Playstore. Once UpdtBot was installed will be able to communicate and send commands to a server control (Command & Control) which will have priority on sending text messages, calls and downloading additional apps.

So you must always stay aleart when installing new app by looking at the review and source.


Apple to Pay Quarterly Dividends of $2.65 Per Share

Apple Company

It is time for finance. After long waiting, finally Apple is willing to spend money for dividends of its shareholders. It is something to do with $45 billion over the next three years. Actually now Apple has over $98 billion in bank which is clear a big amount of money compared to the nearly $600 of stock price.

Starting from July 1st, 2012, Board of Directors has decided to pay a quarterly dividends of $2.65 per share.


Google Search: Majoy Change Coming Soon

Google Logo

Google is trying to make searching more intuitive and can provide answers to the most relevant research. We discover what they have in mind the engineers of the American colossus.

As the senior vice-president OF Google, Amit Singhal, with this new step will attempt to go beyond mere words. It will go into the world of entities and you will discover the relationship between these entities. But, in practice, what it will mean for the user who will look on the search engine?


Halliburton to Use iPhone Instead of BlackBerry

iPhone 4S

RIM is losing one of the leading purchasers of BlackBerry, apparently because Halliburton is to switch to iPhone. The radical change will occur as a result of a substantial research work carried out by employees of the company itself, over the last year have occurred which were the real potential of use of a device of this type, in comparison with those offered by the RIM.

The results are nothing short of overwhelming, according to the news reported by AppleInsider, the reason they have chosen to change the type of product lies in the ability of iOS, as it offers greater capacity and security in the use of applications. The company needs to choose a safe product, this fact creates software to which employees will access the devices provided.

The choice turns out to be a big blow to RIM, we are talking about relatively high, at least 4,500 devices will not be used in the enterprise sector. However, besides the lack numerical we can see how far the device used in most companies were just the BlackBerry, a solution of this type suggests that the market is really changing.

[Apple Insider]

Reuters: Virus infections stop after suspects named

Virus infections stop after suspects named

(Reuters) – One of the most common sources of computer intrusions has stopped infecting new machines after security researchers working with Facebook released the names of five suspected ringleaders.

After more than two years of work, a pair of researchers on Tuesday published the names, aliases and photographs of a gang they accused of running a criminal enterprise known as Koobface that had primarily targeted Facebook after it cropped up in 2008.

German security researchers Jan Droemer and Dirk Kollberg said that servers that ran the Koobface operation stopped responding on Tuesday morning after they released an in-depth report via Kollberg’s employer, the UK anti-virus software maker Sophos.

Some computers used to control Koobface had previously been disabled and it had not spread through Facebook connections since early last year.

But until the new disclosures, the Koobface gang had continued to target other social networks as a long-running FBI probe failed to result in arrests in Russia.


iPhone 4S Satisfactory: Why Yes and Not

ChangeWave has conducted a survey about iPhone 4S user satisfaction and the result is very much better than the iPhone 4. Apple has done nothing with the design of iPhone 4S leaving it the same as iPhone 4 but there are big change in side. Of course even so the iPhone 4S users do satisfy with the iPhone 4S after using it.