Samsung To Build 7-Inch AMOLED Display

Samsung 7-Inch AMOLED Tablet

We already have seen the release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 which is the first tablet to get Super AMOLED Plus. In addition, if Samsung is willing to create another 7-inch tablet, we are going to see this twin in the market in similar time. It is expected to come with WSVGA resolution of 600 x 1024 and 400 nit against the only 250 of the Galaxy Tab 7.7.




Galaxy Note Reached 1 Million Units Sold Willing to Concentrate on U.S. Market More

Samsung Galaxy Note

It doesn’t take long time to reach this first milestone. Since the release in October 2011, Samsung has already celebrated the 1 million units sold around the globe already. Currently Samsung Galaxy Note is available in most of Europe and Asia. Of this half phone half tablet is one of the key products of Samsung so the company won’t go easy with this product.

However the most important market is in U.S. that Samsung hopes to bring this Galaxy Note land on this continent but no information about specific release date.


comScore: Samsung and Android Leading Now

Samsung Galaxy Girls

It has come to conclusion now that we can learn from comScore that Samsung is leading in United State mobile phone

market during the last 3 months. The company experiences the best growth of 25.6 percent followed by LG, Motorola, Apple and RIM.

On the side of operating system, Android is still the top man. During the last 3 months, Android covers up to 46.9 percent followed by Apple, RIM, Microsoft and Symbian.



Apple Can Earn As Much As $10 per Android Device Sold

Apple Hit Android

The legal issue between Apple and Android has been the biggest worry for every smartphone and tablet manufactures around the globe especially Samsung and HTC. However with the latest analysis, we can assume that Apple can get as much as $10 per ever Android device sold which is similar to which Microsoft has done with HTC, Acer ViewSonic and Samsung.

With this benefit, Apple will agree for all of those Android devices to use the patents belong to Apple. This matter was raised by Kevin Rivette from Bloomberg. It should be a matter of Apple to ease the situation and land at the Win-Win strategy for both sides. Of course the shareholder of Apple might be happy to receive more revenue from this agreement.

Of course $10 per Android unit is really a very big money. It is not a bad idea to reach this agreement to bring more benefit for the company.


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Samsung To Hit Sale Record by 375 Million Phones in 2012

Samsung with Cute Girls

2011 was the success year for Samsung over the sales of tablets and mobile phones that we have seen that Samsung has managed to exceed 300 million phone already. In addition 2012 will be another year of more success in this same field that the predicted increase would be around 15% which make the overall sales of mobile phone to 375 million units (150 million units are expected to be smartphone).

This figure was published by the Korean Economic Daily. The source also indicated that the top mobile phone manufacture, Nokia, would be able to sale approximately 399 million mobile phones in the same year narrowing the gap between the two companies, Nokia and Samsung.



Samsung Galaxy S III with Quad Core and 3D Display/Camera

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung won’t go easy on its Galaxy S series. All of Galaxy S series are the main products of the company. Of course 2012 will be the year of smartphone and tablet that more advance technology will be introduced. Even with no official announcement, we can say that Samsung will power its Galaxy S III with Quad Core processor. In addition, the Super AMOLED Plus display will be there to view 3D video and the 12 megapixel camera to capture 3D video too.

We are finding more proofs over this rumor but there will something to show at Mobile World Congress in 2012.

Galaxy Note Gets Android 2.3.6 Update

Samsung Galaxy Note

Actually this update were the talk of the net for a few day already and now the company has pushed to the official stage by allowing Galaxy Note user to update their device via Kies or OTA. I guess you will like the OTA which is available directly on your phone. The update will upgrade the firmware to Android 2.3.6.

The total size of the update is 71 MB so you better find a good WiFi connection if you are willing to

update via OTA. Of course a notification is expected to be alerted. In case you don’t get the alert, you can check out the software update section on your phone setting.


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Samsung Business Process 2011 (Iconography)

Samsung Business Process 2011 (Iconography)

The year 2011 is about to passed leaving good and bad memory to everyone. However it won’t be balance for the two. Right here I would like to share with you the iconography of Samsung over 2011. We will see the company has been so successful with a series of products.

Of course the Android smartphones was the main key product of the year including Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus. More over the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1 were also very interesting to the market. Apart from the Android, we also have seen the Bada phone which is the original heart of Samsung.

You can follow the iconography of Samsung in 2011 above to see more detail.


Samsung Explained Why Galaxy S and Tab Can’t Receive Android 4.0 Update

Samsung Galaxy S

A few days ago, we have seen the list of Samsung Galaxy series which will receive Android 4.0 update but you should not be able to find Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab. This is very disappointing to hear that the company recommends the two devices users not to upgrade to Android 4.0.

Samsung justifies trying to appease many users annoyed by that decision, explaining that both devices would require a complete redesign of both software (TouchWiz UI, TouchWiz, and various customizations depending on country of origin) as well as support for video calls and release for the phone carriers. All this would result in too great a workload to be followed for these two devices doing, we imagine, increase development costs. Finally, another motivation has fallen on the RAM and ROM that could be a problem for the proper performance of Ice Cream Sandwich.

I am pretty sure that you really want to know why these two devices can’t update to Android 4.0 and you read more below for the explanation by Samsung.



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Samsung Starts Developing Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Leaked Document

Samsung Galaxy Note is not available in most market yet but seems like now the company is looking for the new development of the 5 inch smartphone. No, it won’t be early since there is no official word from the company so you can catch up for this first model once available in your area.

According to the leaked document above, we can see the new product with GT-N8010 is expected to be the Galaxy Note 2 since the first one came with GT-N7000 code. It is believed that the later N is Note for Galaxy Note.

What’s next then? We soon should be able to get more information.

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