Verizon Offers Skype for Selected Non-Smartphone

Verizon Offers Skype for Selected=

Since Skype jumped into Verizon for the a few months already and some smartphones has already received its service. Now seem like it is another step for non-smartphone users to find they compatible with Skype including Samsung Reality, LG Chocolate Touch, enV Touch.

Now for Verizon Wireless multimedia phones on the BREW platform, Skype Mobile is also available.


Verizon $99 Unlimited Plan to Go Nationwide After Trial

Verizon $99 Unlimited Plan to Go Nationwide After Trial

During the last few years, unlimited plan is quite common and most of people prefer to have their name on the list. Just as what Sprint has offered an unlimited plan for $99 per month. Meanwhile Verizon and AT&T also have the unlimited plans for premium or in case its subscribers have iPhone or droid.

What else now? Verizon Wireless is also one of the nation leading companies and rumors said that it is launching $99 unlimited plan for everything for its subscribers in some selected place and the plan will go nationwide after the trial. It is really a nice deal. Another choice for you.


Philadelphia and San Francisco To Get Verizon’s 4G First

Philadelphia and San Francisco To Get Verizon's 4G First

Now thing is starting and Verizon’s 4G network is spreading. Among the 30 targeted cities, now Philadelphia and San Francisco will be the first two to receive this service. With this movement, Verizon will be able to compete with Sprint and Clear who are in the same market.

I guess Verizon will be able to attract customers who wish to update their network performance.

[Engadget via BGR]

Google and Verizon Deal to Shape Net-Neutrality Law

Google and Verizon Deal to Shape Net-Neutrality Law Verizon Communications Inc. and Google Inc. may soon announce an agreement that the companies hope could be used as a model for legislation aimed at preventing telephone or cable companies from delaying or blocking Internet traffic.

The two companies have been negotiating with each other for months on a compromise on the thorny issue of so-called net neutrality—the principle that Internet providers such as phone or cable companies should not deliberately slow or block Internet sites or services.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment while a Verizon spokesman said in a statement that the companies have worked on an agreement for 10 months. “We are currently engaged in and committed to the negotiation process led by the FCC” that will allow both sides to “reach a consensus that can maintain an open Internet and the investment and innovation required to sustain it,” he said.

AT&T, Verizon and other broadband providers are fighting the proposal, arguing that the FCC should avoid imposing decades-old telephone rules on new Internet lines. Both the companies and union leaders say that Congress instead should update the law to give the FCC the authority it needs to be the Internet traffic cop.


T-Mobile Has 80% to Get iPhone 4 this Fall in US

T-Mobile Has 80% to Get iPhone 4 this Fall in US

Agreement with AT&T is about to end soon and now seem like other carriers are trying to get iPhone to their stores. Even though they have to talk more advance about the agreement but seem like the chance of iPhnoe to be on T-Mobile is 80% already.

Of course T-Moble already carries iPhone for some European countries already and the process for US market is really important to the company. To support iPhone 4, T-Mobile needs to run the 1,700MHz and 2,100MHz bands for 3G. iPhone 4 supports 2,100MHz band but also need 1,700MHz to make sure that it won’t drop to 2G. One of the remarkable issues is that T-Mobile doesn’t have as wide network as AT&T.

Regardless of the above problem, Apple said that T-Mobile has GSM so it doesn’t have to redesign a new cellular chipset and the absence of a SIM card slot. Nice try for Apple and T-Mobile that we can wait to see more about other carriers who wish to have iPhone to such as Sprint and Verizon.


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PC Will Die As Smartphone Grows

At Mobilebeat 2010 conference, Verizon did make a very important message that smartphone can replace PC. Of course there are many people now do like their smartphone for every purposes. Until now the 4G technology even make it easier  to use with faster and more reliable. Verizon really has built up a strong team with many giant companies such as Google,Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Motorola and more to launch its core program.

Even there are significant growth of smartphone but do you really think that people will be satisfy with the small screen, small buttons, and limited power?


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Verizon Lists Motorola Droid 2 on Its Summer Sheet

Verizon Lists Motorola Droid 2 on Its Summer Sheet

Clearing the previous rumor regarding to the new Motorola Droid 2, Verizon finally shows the Droid 2 on its summer sheet.

According to BGR, the Droid 2 is expected to be powered by 1GHz processor. It also has 5 megapixel camera, 8GB internal space with additional 8GB microSDHC card. Not different from Droid X, phone users can spend 20USD/month for 5-device Wi-Fi hotspot. However there is no official release date or pricing detail but it may be available by late August for Android 2.2 and more than $200 with contract.

HTC Incredible Delays Shipping Till August

HTC Incredible Delays Shipping Till August

Shortage after another shortage. We have seen the sold out HTC EVO 4G and now Verizon has decided to push out this HTC Incredible till August 4. It even gives option for its customers to switch order to avoid waiting. It is really a very sad story for another Android phone.

What even make HTC worry is the up coming Droid X. It is another Android based smart phone which is an other competitor. Just a bit safe since iPhone is facing a big shortage.

Verizon Tower for Powerful Transmitter

Do you find any problem with Verizon transmitter? If it irritates you then this tower can be the doctor.


iPhone 4 Hits Verizon on January

iPhone 4 Hits Verizon on January

According to some trusted sources, Verizon will spot the new iPhone 4 on January. Even there is no official announcement from both Verizon and Apple but it is more likely to be true. We have seen the exclusive agreement between AT&T and Apple which AT&T have to make another deal to make sure that it is the only iPhone 4 carrier to stop verizon since January is the end point but a good starting point for Verizon. Even it is quite late but at least iPhone is on Verizon.