The First Guy in Line for iPad 2

Do you think you really like iPad 2? I guess this guy is so much in love with Apple iPad 2. In the picture below there is a tent is along Knox Street Apple store in Texas. The man inside the tent is expected to be Justin Wagoner who was also the first man in iPhone 4 line too.

The First Guy in Line for iPad 2

He is very dedicated to Apple product not just the iPad 2 since he also has done the same thing to iPhone 4 too. It is 4 days more to go and he is just off from his work and camps here. So now are you ready? You better get ready from now on.

Actually the line should be filled by people in the next few days but now we get one already.

[Mac Cast]

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  1. […] iPad 2 will be available on Target on March 11 as other retail stores. It is pretty sure that the second generation iPad will be very successful thank to rich distribution channels. Right now we already have one guy on the line for iPad 2 already. […]

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