Verizon Home Phone Unlimited Call for $20/Month

Verizon Home Phone Unlimited Call for $20/Month

It has been one year already that we are experiencing the trail Verizon’s new home-phone service and now it is officially available, the Verizon’s Home Phone Connect.

According to the promotion, everyone can sign up for a new account not just for the existing customers so why don’t you get one.

Once you get registered, you can enjoy unlimited calling to any US number for just $20 per month. More than this with Home Phone Connect, you can feel the menu calling services—including call waiting, forwarding, caller ID, three-way calling, voice mail, and 911 service.

How to install Verizon’s Home Phone Connect
You can use any standard landline phone to plug it into Verizon’s AC-powered Home Phone Connect base station.

One more special features is that you can enjoy Verizon Wireless family plan for $10 a month.

However there are some extra $129 cost of the base station to consider but you can look for discount with contract.

We can wait to see how Verizon Home Phone Service compete with the T-Mobile @Home.

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